President's Message 


Dear Members,

SOS is in September, and many of our members plan to go. This is a great time to party and meet new people. I’d like to en- courage you to recruit new members to our club while you are there. We really need to increase our membership.

Last month’s social was a huge success (‘split the kitty “ was $97.00). Of course having Murl Augustine as DJ helped attract other shag club members to attend. Our second social at Max and Henry’s was August 17 and resulted in another healthy turnout. Again, our DJ, Jean Hodges contributed to a successful evening. I certainly enjoyed sharing time with so many of you. (If you missed the evening I encourage you to plan to attend future socials.)

Please give your attention and support to our club events. The board has decided to proceed with a Yard and Bake sale on November 9th to enhance the club coffers. You can assist by donating useable items in your possession that need a new home! If bak- ing is your gift apply your talents there. (See page 5 for more information.)

While soliciting your support and participation in club events allow me to make a plea regarding Christmas. It is just a few months ahead. I want this to be a very special event. Please volunteer to assist in the planning and conduct of the event. Your partici- pation is key to a successful party. Now is the time to critique Christmas’ past and plan this year’s event.

A final note to remind you that all members are welcome to attend board meetings. Just let us know you would like to attend and we will provide the date and time.

Love ya,  © Michael W Burnett 2013