About Us

The Islanders Shag Club was formed in the late summer of 1985, at a then local pub on James Island called Pudgys. The first election of officers took place in October of 1985. The purpose of having the club was to give the residents living on the surrounding Islands of Charleston a convenient place to socialize and to SHAG. Starting small with only 60 members the first year , the club grew to over 700 over the first few years.

During our almost 33 years in existence, the club has participated in and held many fun filled events such as fishing tournaments, a beach day picnic on Kiawah and a 3 day weekend party that was called “Shaggers Holiday.” While our members have always enjoyed the parties and socials, they have also dedicated their support to many charities and community benefits such as Camp Kemo, Relay for Life, Happy Days and Special Times, and of course we always support the Junior Shaggers.

We were lucky enough to have a clubhouse on Folly Beach, which was leased in 1996, and stayed open for almost 10 years, but like many clubs, real estate on the beach became too expensive and we had to close the doors. Not to be deterred, we still manage to find wonderful places to dance and socialize and hopefully this year we will be bringing back our weekend party.

We hope you will join us and help keep this dance we love, alive and thriving!!!!