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Dear Members,

I know that my letters get boring because I always say the very same things. But, I do think that what I am saying is important for the benefit of our club. So here goes. We still need a Ways and Means Committee. Any suggestions for money raising projects will be welcomed.

Along those lines, the board is set for another yard sale on May 24 at the Folly Beach Community Center. I know that this is Memorial Day weekend and the board hopes that we might pick up some of the beach visi- tors. We will also have a small bake sale. The bake sale last year was incredible. We do not plan to have as much this year. Marlee did so well last year that we have asked if she will do the bake sale again. Any- one who can help, please contact any member of the board.

Next, if you would like to run for office, please contact Diane Chard ( 556-3722) (2367-0026). I believe that members will enjoy their membership the more involved they become. We need new blood who will have fresh ideas, but the older members will always be there to help them. So step right up.

On a nicer note, SOS was great as always. I understood that the first week of SOS was not as well attend- ed as usual, but the “shaggers’” who were there had a great time.

Just a reminder, our Christmas party is December 20 at the American Legion on Folly Road. I will miss you atMax & Henry’s on the April 26 as I will be attending my big high school class reunion. Have fun and have one for me. 

Love ya, Vicky 


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